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Is this project active?

first post: killadonut wrote: It looks like there hasn't been any activity for a while.

latest post: mohdhanis wrote: I wonder what activities you mean.

Edit forum error

first post: BJGIW wrote: Hello,I have just try to implement myforum and I got an error on ed...


first post: munozgae wrote: I am new to Episerver, and I'm trying to run MyForumSite for a proj...

latest post: BenchModel wrote: Hi munozgaeI used SQL Server 2008 Express RTM to build the database...

Script to Install DB

first post: merganser wrote: I am having opening this db. Any chance I can get this as a script ...

Sql2005 support

first post: mieliespoor wrote: Hi there,Is there maybe a possibility for you to make a Sql 2005 ve...

latest post: dazza_ramos wrote: tjatwood wrote: Any chance at all there might be some instructions...

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